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Over the millennium have Vefsna been a lifeline through Vefsn district. In earlier times meant that much to transport source, but also for timber flew things from the 1860s received widespread. It had always been a good salmon river that the people on the farms around could benefit. While Vefsna was at its best, it was one of Norway's best salmon rivers.

When enterprising Englishmen in the best colonial style came to Vefsn looking for "business opportunities", got salmon rivers and forests market-value. These contractors established in Vefsna as eager and skilled anglers from the mid-1800s. In the 1860s the care of large, pristine woodlands, and put in place forest management to an extent the natives had not seen before: Vefsna river system had been useful and beneficial as for fishing and transport vessels. Now would waterpower carry thousands of tylfter saw logs to the British large steam sawmill at the mouth of the Vefsna.

Salmon rivers in Vefsn; Vefsna, Fusta, Hundåla and Drevjeelva, got the reputation of being among the best in the country. Particularly had Vefsna and Fusta reputation for big fish over 40 lbs (20 kg, the time weighting was the English anglers accounted for, making the scale in pounds).

The rivers in our area are among the best in Europe when it comes to salmon and sea trout fishing. Best known is that said Vefsna. Still you can be lucky and catch a salmon of 15 kg, while trout weighing from 2 to 12 kg. Along Vefsna there are many great places to fish with rod and fly, and particularly the area under Laksforsen known for excellent fishing. In Vefsnfjorden there are good opportunities for fishing of pollock, cod, halibut, sea trout and salmon of the year.
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GPS: 65.36834 / 14.21389.



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